Frequently Asked Questions

About Breazco

What is Breazco?
Breazco is made with four-in-one high quality herbal extracts which are lignosus rhinocerus , Fucorich® undaria pinnatifida extract (seaweed), hedera helix (ivy) leaf/stem extract and eucalyptus globulus leaf extract. It is effective for relieving cough and cold symptoms, strengthen lungs and boost immune system. It is formulated through scientific research and clinical medicine to provide comprehensive protection for lungs and respiratory system, as well as to maintain a healthy immune system.
How does Breazco work?
Breazco effect in antibacterial, antioxidant and reduces inflammation which will help to improve respiratory problems and strengthen the respiratory system. Take Breazco during coughs and colds can help in diluting, relaxing the obstruction and clearing the chest and respiratory secretions (sputum or nose), thereby naturally alleviating the airway obstruction. It is the best natural remedy to cure lung infections, especially for patients who suffer from covid.
Why do you need to take Breazco?
Lung is an important organ for human body but we always ignore to take care our lungs. During this pandemic time, we need to practice standard operating procedures such as wash our hands frequently, wear masks and maintain social distance. Besides, we also need to be concerned about our body health, especially our lungs and immune system. Breazco helps in protecting the lungs especially for those who suffer with diseases that affect lung function such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.
Who should take Breazco?
Breazco is suitable for all ages, especially those who wish to relieve cough and cold symptoms, asthmatics, smokers, respiratory allergies and sinusitis. Besides, people who are always exposed to polluted environments should take Breazco to protect their lungs. Lungs need antioxidants to form a protective film against free radical damage caused by environmental pollution. Breazco is a lung protection product formulated with herbal ingredients.
What is the recommended dosage for Breazco and how long should it take?
It is good for long-term use. Nutritionist suggest to take once per day and 2 capsules each time. During illness or recovery time, users can take it 2 times per day and 2 capsules each time, at least for 2 to 3 months. You can take Breazco after meal. It is advice to take Breazco after 2 hours once you use any medicine. Avoid taking with coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages. Children from 6 to 12 years old are recommended to take half capsule daily after meals.
How long does Breazco take effect?
This is depends on individual situation but Breazco can benefit for alleviate airway obstruction, improve symptoms of sinusitis, alleviate respiratory allergies, enhance immunity and lung breathing.
It’s any side effects after long-term use?
It is a completely natural and healthy product that has been proven by clinical experiments, and there will be no side effects after long-term use. It is a universal health nutrient that can be used as a daily nutritional supplement to enhance the respiratory system and physical health. Continuous use and take Breazco regularly can protect your body health.

About ImmuP

What does a healthy immune system mean?
A healthy immune system will first form a barrier to prevent invasion of pathogens from entering the body, thereby playing a protective role. To improve personal immunity, humans need to have quality sleep, eat nutritious meals, and have good anti-stress ability. When our immunity is weak, you will lose the natural protection against diseases and the recovery process will be slow. This will expose you to other diseases.
What is ImmuP?
ImmuP is formulated with clinically proven natural ingredients such as lactoferrin, elderberry and yeast-fermented β-glucan.
  • It contains Proferrin, a natural biologically active lactoferrin from France, which can provide up to 95% purity of lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein naturally present in fresh milk and is important for iron absorption in the intestine. It helps reduce foreign pathogens that cause harm to our bodies.
  • Elderberry is rich in anthocyanins. Its antioxidant power is effective in strengthening the body and protecting body cells from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage can lead to cell damage and premature aging.
  • BGF-Immune® is a yeast-fermented β-glucan that has undergone clinical research and has been shown to strengthen the immune system and promote health.
How does ImmuP work?
ImmuP is specially formulated with natural ingredients that have been medically and clinically proven to enhance immunity, strengthen the body and improve the overall immune system. The antioxidant nutrients in ImmuP provide protection and defense against the damage caused by free radicals to our body cells. When our immunity is weak, we are susceptible to virus infection, have a slower recovery ability, and may be repeatedly infected. ImmuP helps enhance natural killer cell (NK) activity, which has proven effects on the immune system and digestive system.
Why do you need to take ImmuP?
Many human diseases are related to immune imbalance, so it is important to maintain the balance of the immune system. ImmuP contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial and phlegm-reducing effects, which can effectively combat viral infections. ImmuP strengthens the immune system and helps reduce the risk of influenza or respiratory infections. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects help reduce the severity of infection symptoms, increase the cell barrier, speed up recovery time and act as an immune booster.
Who suggested to take ImmuP?
For those body is weak or easy to get sick can take ImmuP for improve and maintain body health.
What is the recommended dosage for ImmuP?
It suggest to take ImmuP after meals. It is adviced to take ImmuP after 2 hours once you use any medicine. Nutritionist suggest to take once per day and 2 capsules each time. During illness or recovery time, users can take it 2 times per day and 2 capsules each time, at least for 2 to 3 months. You can take ImmuP after meal. It is adviced to take ImmuP after 2 hours once you use any medicine. Avoid taking it with coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages.
How long does ImmuP be effective?
There will be no side effects after long-term use. However, ImmuP may help to recover from illness faster and have better immunity against relapses.
It’s any side effects after long-term use?
There are no side effects for long-term use. It make with 100% natural ingredients and has been scientifically and clinically proven benefit for human health. ImmuP is not a medicine. It is a natural health product. Take ImmuP continuously and regularly can protect body health.

About GC MAX

Why should my child take GC Max?
GC Max helps in improve eye health, increase visual acuity and prevent blue light emitted by electronic products to protect eyesight. GC Max helps to balance body bacteria to keep children’s health. If the user is taking antibiotics, GC Max can help replace bad bacteria with good bacteria and increase immunity.
How long does it take to see the improvement for my child?
The effect is depends on individual situation. GC Max can reduce fatigue, dryness and inflammate of eyes.
Are there any side effects from long-term use?
GC Max does not contain any hormones. All ingredients have been tested and approved to ensure safety, purity and effectiveness. Long-term use GC Max can improve users’ eye visual.
Does my child need to take GC Max separately from medications or any caffeine drinks?
Yes, because the acidity in drugs and coffee beverages will reduce the effectiveness of GC Max. Nutrician recommend to take GC Max after 1 hour if use any medication and caffeine.
It is GC Max suitable for adult?
Yes, adults can take GC Max for improve eyesight but adult need to take it in double dosage.

About EP 2

What is EP 2?
EP 2 helps in improving digestion system, nutrient absorption and weight management in healthy way. It is a herbal health drink made up of 10 types of vegetable and fruit extracts, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics and garcinia cambogia extract. It does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings. It is easy to drink and tastes with a fresh lemon flavor.
Why do we need to take EP 2?
Digestion problems can be caused by unhealthy eating habits such as indigestion, lack of food chewing or eating too fast. It might cause bloating, malabsorption of nutrients and poor bowel movements. With age, the digestive enzymes in our body will decrease, which will affect our body's ability to break down food and absorb nutrients. EP 2 provides a comprehensive mix of digestive enzymes to digest carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber and dairy foods. It also helps in maintain weight, naturally control appetite and appetite, improve bowel movements and increase insulin sensitivity.
Who should take EP 2?
People with slow metabolism, indigestion and weak body can take EP 2. Besides, users can take EP 2 to improve and maintain their weight and health. EP 2 can relieve problems related to the digestive system, such as constipation, bloating, gas or discomfort after eating certain foods. EP 2 does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians.
How long will EP 2 be effective?
There should be individualized effect but most of the users can see the effect after 2-3 weeks of drink EP 2. Users can relieve abdominal distension, reduce flatulence, help in open bowels regularly and better nutrients absorbed. EP 2 can also help in your weight-loss plan.
How to take EP 2?
You only need to pour a package of EP 2 into a cup of warm or cold water of about 180 ml to 200 ml. Shake well or stir well before drinking.

General Question

Are health products and medicines can be taken together?
It is not recommended to take medicines and health products at the same time. We recommend to take medicines or health products separately after 2 hours to avoid any side effects.
Are pregnant or breastfeeding women can take any BFI products?
Not all products are suitable or recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Before taking any BFI products, please consult doctor or any healthcare professional.
How to ensure BFI products are authentic?
All BFI health products have been registered under Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) before being launched to the market or sold to consumers. Registered medical products will be marked with a registration number (such as MAL20125467T) and a medical hologram label on product label or product package. The hologram on the bottle is also a sign of authenticity because every bottle of health care product has an unique code that cannot be copied. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if that is any question.

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